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Payton Murray


My name is Payton and I’ve been working as a real estate agent with Harold Long Realty since October, 2020. It is so rewarding to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people, who through the process have now become friends.


I have lived in Maryville, TN for 15 years and could not be any more grateful to call East Tennessee my home. From spending summer days on the lake and river, to snow skiing in the mountains in the winter, I am convinced this area is one of the most amazing places to live. 


Many of my earliest memories revolve around construction and real estate as my family owns and runs a construction company. I have found much value in understanding the building process as the knowledge helps me to become an even better realtor. 


I am passionate about real estate and look forward to all the future relationships and special experiences I will form through working as a realtor.

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